Here are some interesting links about the music business, music promotion, music marketing and the music industry that I found online for the week ending Friday February 1st, 2019.


This Week In Music Business #03: January 26th – February 1st, 2019

Everything You Need To Know BEFORE You Design A Great Album Cover

How To Cultivate More Spotify Follows

SiriusXM Reports Record Revenue, 34 Million Subscribers

Is It Possible That Radio Dodged The Digital Bullet?

Monetize Music Fandom, Not Consumption: What Japan, Global Industry Can Learn From China

Unleash the Power of Video Marketing for Your Business: Five Ideas for Video Content

Website design inspiration: best singer websites

What do Booking Agents Look For?

Why Press And Radio Outlets Haven’t Caught Up To Music Streaming

Why Musicians And Artists Have To Think More B2B Instead of B2C

Playing live? Don’t forget to take photos!

It Looks Like SoundCloud Is Getting Healthier

Startup Songbook aims to help fans make money from songs

The four types of music subscription models in 2019

How millennials are changing the music industry

Ed Sheeran Launches a Signature Small Guitar Line

10 Top Ways To Promote Your Music That Actually Work in 2019!

How to Think About Your Show in 360 Degrees

4 Ways The Business Of Music Videos Will Dramatically Shift In 2019

The Ultimate Guide To Music Conferences, Panels, and Festivals

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