20 Music Marketing Predictions For 2020

It seems that Ariel Hyatt and her team over at Cyber PR Music have been busy gazing into their crystal balls and coming up with some music marketing predictions for 2020.

In one of their recent articles 20 Music Marketing Predictions For 2020, they make predictions in the following categories…

  • Social Media And Websites
  • Artist Development And Branding
  • Newsletters And Networking
  • Mindset, Marketing And Spotify

Now, their reasoning for putting together such a post on their blog can be reasoned as follows…

Wow – 2020. We’re entering a brand new decade, and often it can feel very overwhelming to keep up with the ever-changing new music industry. That’s why we have compiled a list of 20 Music Marketing Predictions for 2020 to help get you started!

Yes, we all need a little bit of help in trying to stay ahead of the trends but the most interesting predictions for me were all about TikTok, Instagram and Spotify.

No mention about Facebook at all. Very interesting indeed.

What are your predictions for music marketing and music promotion for 2020 and beyond? Let me know and we can gaze into this crystal ball together

Until next time, just go out there and do it,

Corey Stewart
All About Music Business

Original Source: 20 Music Marketing Predictions For 2020 – Cyber PR Music

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