9 Things To Do Now That Your Gigs Are Cancelled Because of Coronavirus

Right now, everywhere you look, there’s some update on the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic that is sweeping the planet at the moment and you know what, after a while it really starts to wear you down.

I know it has with me.

It seems that the inevitable conclusion to all of this is that things will get much worse before it gets better meaning the world is slowly but surely grinding to a halt.

Businesses are closing down, people are staying at home and unfortunately, the music/arts industries are not immune to this. Gigs and festivals are being cancelled left, right and centre and it seems like we, as musicians are powerless to do anything about it.

That was until I read the article 9 Things To Do Now That Your Gigs Are Cancelled Because of Coronavirus by Ari Herstand and I’ve got to say, Ari sure knows how to deliver a pep talk.

He starts by saying that even he is weighed down by the constant barrage of Coronavirus/COVID-19 news but he spins in into the positive…

…this doesn’t mean you need to shut down and give into despair. Look at this as an opportunity. So you were depending on the income from upcoming gigs? Welp, that ain’t coming.

So, you have two options: 1) self pity 2) get creative and find alternative revenue streams

I know from experience that self pity gets you nowhere so the second option of finding alternative revenue streams is definitely the way to go.

Ari’s blog is one of my favourite music industry blogs because he doesn’t mince words, he gets straight to the point and he’s always on the ball with the latest music business information.

This article is a great example of this.

His nine activities to pursue while waiting for the Coronavirus/COVID-19 threat to pass are as follows…

  • Live Stream Concerts
  • Start A Patronage Hub
  • Create Fan Offerings
  • Teach Lessons Online
  • Continue Your Education
  • Home Studio Work
  • Get Yourself Registered
  • Write, Record, Plan
  • Set A New Routine

Personally, I’ve been looking into the concept of live streaming for a little while and now seems to be the perfect time to really crank up the research and finally get something done in this area.

I’ll let you know how I go but in the meantime, what things are you going to be doing while this situation is happening? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time, just get out there and do it,

Corey Stewart
All About Music Business

Original Source: Ari’s Take: 9 Things To Do Now That Your Gigs Are Cancelled Because of Coronavirus

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