Are CDs Still Important And Relevant In Your Music Marketing Today?

Well, the simple answer to that question is YES! Of course they are.

Even though the way that we’ve discovered, purchased and listened to music has dramatically changed over the past 10 years or so, the humble CD has still got some life in it yet.

We all know that CD sales have been falling steadily since 1999 and that more people are downloading, streaming and even ripping music off the internet but as a musician, CDs can still be an important tool in promoting, marketing and selling your music

Here are 10 ways that CDs are still important and relevant to your music promotion right now…

It’s a physical product to sell

Downloads for all of their conveniences can still become corrupted or delete it where as a physical CD is just that… Something physical.

It certainly gives you something tangible to sell on your website.

CDs are great impulse purchases at your gigs

If you do an amazing show and you touch move and inspire your crowd enough your CD will become the best reminder they have of your show. Downloads just don’t inspire that urge to buy on impulse as a CD does.

Besides, you can’t sign a download.

CDs are good for liner notes and cover art

Just like the vinyl record before it, the packaging of the CD really lends itself to having extra information about you and your music included with the whole sonic experience that you’re trying to promote.

Depending on the packaging you choose you can have your lyrics included and it’s all self contained in one package. You can also go to town a bit with the artwork as well.

Try doing that with a download.

Your merchandising table will look very empty without them

CDs should be the very first thing that you put onto your merchandising table at gigs. Hopefully this will inspire you to explore other merchandising options for your music

CDs are still huge in Japan

For a country that is synonymous with ahead-of-its-time technological advances, Japan is a country that still loves the CD and it’s one of the only countries in the world that is bucking the music download and streaming trends at this time.

“What does this have to do with my local music scene?” I hear you ask.

Well, what if you’re thinking of touring Japan in the future or at least wanting to push some online promotion to the Japanese market.

It would be handy to know that there’s an audience out there that still loves to buy CDs just waiting to hear your music and perhaps buy your product as well

Not everyone knows technology like you do

Sure there are a whole generation of people who seem to be embracing the technological advances of the music industry at the speed of light however, there are still some punters out there that aren’t as tech-savvy as you might think. They might even be tech averse.

Some Generation X’ers and Baby Boomers still go out and actively seek musical experiences whether it be live or recorded and the CD is still their medium of choice so supply these punters with products that they understand

The sound quality is better than MP3

Even though streaming services like Spotify and now streaming MP3s at 320kps for their premium subscribers (it’s default is 160kps), the sound quality on a CD is still better than an mp3

CD demos are still the industry standard in music promotion

When promoting yourself to agents and venues for gigs it’s still good to have some physical product to give to them in addition to giving them a link to your website or Soundcloud account

Giving them your CD completes of physical exchange between you and the agent or venue which will go a long way in solidifying your relationship with them

You can’t get reviewed if you don’t have a CD

One of the best ways to promote your CD is to have it reviewed by a third party website and most of these sites still want you to send them CDs.

Therefore, if you don’t have a CD you can’t get reviewed. Simple as that.

The main reason for this is that reviewers seem to take more seriously musicians who have a physical product as opposed to musicians who only have a digital download to offer. It’s like the investment made by the musician to create the CD product adds extra kudos to the recording.

Radio still uses them

Yes I know that more and more radio stations are using digital files but generally, you’re not going to be played on radio if you don’t have a CD to give to them. Make it easy for radio to play you. Provide them with a CD.

Well, what do you think? Do you think that CDs are still important and relevant in this day and age and are there any other uses for CDs that I haven’t covered yet in this article?

If so, please let me know I’d love to hear from you about this

until next time just go out there and do it

Corey Stewart
All About Music Business

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