Local Music Scene

The Importance Of Researching Your Local Music Scene

Your local music scene is a constantly evolving and changing beast and if your intentions are to work within it, then it’s very important for you to know what is going on. So with this in mind, it’s time to do some researching and as part of your research you want to find out the […]

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Indie Music Industry – Knowledge Is Power, Use It

Always remember that too much information is much better than not having enough. If you are going to create a music career for yourself, first you must understand how the music industry works. Now, what I’m going to give you now is probably the most important music industry tip you’ll ever receiveā€¦ Join up and […]

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The Importance Of Knowing Your Local Music Scene Intimately

Here is probably the most important music industry tip you will ever receive: Join up and subscribe to every indie music industry and DIY band promotion email list, newsletter and resource that you can get your hands on and read everything that you receive. I mean it when I say that too much information is […]

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