Finding Your Super Fans Through Building Your Tribe

The music business is more than just a business that revolves around music. It’s more importantly a PEOPLE BUSINESS, where who you are and what you stand for is just as important as the music you make.

The greatest exposure of your music to the widest section of the general public was traditionally done either commercial radio or, being signed to a record company.

Not anymore… Nowadays, the responsibility for exposing your music to the general public rests on your shoulders.

There are a number of ways that this end can be achieved but the most important aspect about you taking care of your own music marketing and music promotion is that you need to develop a ready made audience to receive your music.

Just taking a shotgun approach (blasting your music out into the world randomly and haphazardly) and hoping for the best is not going to work.

Why? There are too many other musicians/artists doing the exact same thing. You’re not going to stand out marketing your music this way.

Hence the importance of developing your TRIBE, your COMMUNITY, your group of people who gravitate towards you and your music.

Your tribe could start being your friends, family and work acquaintances initially and will start expanding once you get a few shows under your belt.

This leads me to an article titled How To Build Your Tribe And Find Your Super Fans written by Angela Mastrogiacomo for ReverbNation. In the article she starts off by saying that…

What sets you apart isn’t the music you make—it’s the person you are and how you convey that.

She also goes on to say that the music industry is essentially driven by the personalities and beliefs of the musicians and artists that choose to work in it. It’s these points (personality and beliefs) that attract people to be part of your tribe.

They will primarily find you though your live show, your website and your social media footprint… ESPECIALLY your social media.

The article then splits into two main sections.

The first section deals with how to find your tribe and it outlines strategies (whether it be through your live shows, your website or, through social media) in getting your information in front of potential tribe members.

The second section deals with how to nurture your tribe and in it, it outlines ways in which you can keep your tribe together through direct interaction via email, messaging platforms such as Skype and content creation through blogging.

The superfans aspect of the article becomes the end result of doing all of the right things up front in your acquisition of tribe members and the direct communication of your acquired members.

As Angela says at the end of the article

Whatever you do, you always want to treat your fans like you would any other friendship. This means listening to what they want, what they have to say, what they need, and not just pushing your music on them. Trust me on this—your tribe is there because they vibe with your personality.

The theory is that in time there will be a percentage of tribe members that will evolve from being just fans of you and your music to being evangelical superfans and of course, the more of those you have in your tribe, the better.

Until next time, just get out there and do it,

Corey Stewart
All About Music Business

Original Source: How To Build Your Tribe And Find Your Super Fans

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