The Daily Biz – April 12th, 2020

Music documentaries can be a welcome look behind the curtain at magical moments, the artists we know and love, and the lives of those whose stories were neglected by time.

8 music documentaries to watch now

How do you get your music into streaming platforms and online stores? How do you properly credit and title your releases? And how do you keep the most money for yourself?

How To Sell, Distribute & Credit Your Music Online

Millions of people are now finding themselves under enforced lockdown as we wait out the current pandemic, and while many businesses have closed and shut down, there are still many more that are continuing daily operations as normal, but with one major difference: everyone is now working from home.

How to be more productive at home: 10 no bullsh*t tips

What streaming services should you choose to boost your online profile in Japan?

How to maximise your music in Japan?

We espouse email marketing as a primary way for artists to build their audience. We typically hear two big questions about email marketing: 1. How do I start my email list and 2. How do I grow my email list?

How to Grow Your Email Subscriber List

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