The Daily Biz – April 13th, 2020

The reason so many artists have extreme reactions to the idea of collaboration is because they’ve experienced the incredible highs or lows in working with others

How To Structure Payment Deals When Collaborating With Others

For most working musicians, it’s hard enough to make a consistent living in the music industry at the best of times. Keeping a diary loaded with gigs, a class filled with students and creative projects afloat takes a lot of effort, but it’s something we’re all used to and something we’ve adapted into our survival.

How To Survive The Music Industry In Tougher Times

While we’re all sequestered in our homes, we’re all facing the potential for lost or wasted time. So let’s ask ourselves: How can we use this time to get better? How can we be of service and use?

Guiding Principles of Email Marketing

Music documentaries can be a welcome look behind the curtain at magical moments, the artists we know and love, and the lives of those whose stories were neglected by time.

8 music documentaries to watch now

Shooting for the moon works for some musicians, but if you’re in it for the long, and are serious about sustaining a career in music, it is to your benefit to break down lofty hopes and dreams into more manageable short-term goals.

3 Realistic Short-Term Goals For Unestablished Artists

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