The Daily Biz – April 14th, 2020

In the music industry, the recent rise in the popularity of the online gig is probably the biggest example of a positive, useful new way of working brought about by the current situation.

How To Do An Online Gig

We are living in a new normal. How long we live in an industry without live music is anyone’s guess, and nobody knows exactly how to proceed in these uncertain times.

Should Coronavirus Put Your Next Release On Hold?

It’s time to start digging for gold in your contact list. I was recently reminded how valuable our contact lists and mailing lists are. It also occurred to me how often we under use our mailing lists.

Digging for Gold in Your Contact List

The hardest part of living in unprecedented times is that no one knows what will happen next. Two months ago, most people couldn’t believe that a then largely unknown virus would soon grind the global live music economy to a standstill.

When Should We Expect Concerts To Return? [Video]

Creating art feels right. Yet promoting art can sometimes be a real hurdle for an artist. Whether you like it or not, promoting your art is how you will survive as an artist, especially if you completely rely on it financially.

Creating an Online Presence

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