The Daily Biz – April 15th, 2020

Instagram are looking at how they can “support creators and artists” who are using their ‘Live’ streaming feature.

Instagram reveal they have plans to monetise live streams

After the obvious “When will this end?” pondering what comes next is the question haunting every member of the music industry. This essay digs into the data to find some answers.

A Music Industry Post 2020 Depression Recovery Plan

Though what we do as musicians is motivated primarily by a love for music and being creative, it’s important to also remember that music is a business as well.

5 Tax Write-Offs that All Musicians Should Know About

Looking for some great movies about music and musicians? Check out our top picks below.

20 Great Movies About Music and Musician

There’s no getting around how monumentally bad repercussions from the COVID-19 are impacting musicians. From indefinitely rescheduled festivals to canceled tours, musicians are being challenged in profound ways.

5 Ways Musicians Can Stay Engaged During the COVID-19 Crisis

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