The Daily Biz – April 17th, 2020

Combined with stay-at-home orders, that has led to a surge in musical creativity that is both the product of and a cure for these difficult times.

Live Streams – The Rise Of A New Form Of Entertainment

For all that the music industry likes to complain about YouTube, the two are irreversibly entwined.

What can the music industry learn from the biggest YouTube channels?

From festival headliners to starving artists, all musicians are possible targets for instrument theft. Musical equipment isn’t cheap, and thieves know this.

How To Keep Your Instruments From Being Stolen

Over the course of just a few days in March, the COVID-19 virus brought the global live-performance industry to a grinding halt.

Pointers for Livestream Shows From Home

You’ve heard the saying — find yourself 1,000 true fans and you’re set. And it’s true; with just 1,000 authentic fans you can have a sustainable, fulfilling career. But why stop there?

How Your Existing Fanbase Can Help Build Your Future Fanbase

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