The Daily Biz – April 18th, 2020

Apple Music’s in-browser app is finally out of beta so you can listen on Windows 10, Linux, and Chrome OS.

Apple Music’s web player is officially launched

As the fear of COVID-19 continues to prevent live music and delay major releases, new trends are emerging as the music industry adapts to a new normal.

How Coronavirus Is Changing The Music Business – Part 2 [VIDEO]

New music is the fuel in the streaming engine, creating a virtuous circle of increased label and artist output to meet DSP-stimulated user demand. Now though, with COVID-19 disrupting the production of music, everything is set to change.

Streaming Services Are Going to Have to Change Their MO

Let’s face it. It’s harder than ever to get noticed as an artist. You’re competing against 3+ million artists uploading over 40,000 new tracks daily. Only a handful of artists breakthrough every year, but what about everyone else?

How To Leverage Live Streaming To Find Fans And Build Your Brand In 2020

Amanda Palmer, Adam Doleac, Caroline Romano, Luka Kerecin, and Olivia Castriota share the trials and tribulations of life as a musician in the wake of mass quarantine and social-isolation due to the novel coronavirus

Round Table: How Do We Keep Music Alive During COVID?

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