The Daily Biz – April 26th, 2020

The 800 strong National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) has sent a letter to Congress proposing solutions to address the unique and dire situation facing the industry.

FIRST TO CLOSE, LAST TO OPEN – 800 Indie Music Venues Ask Gov’t For Help

YouTube’s Partner Programme gives creator extra resources and features, and allows you to monetize your channel to earn money from ads and YouTube Premium subscribers watching your content.

How to get a YouTube Partnership

Today’s world of being a DIY musician is becoming more multifaceted. You’re expected to do more things on top of making music. One thing a lot of musician do is start a blog — and the benefit of blogging for musicians is clear.

Blogging For Musicians – 3 Clear Benefits

Social media is [literally] a job in itself. Balancing a music career with your engagement efforts online can be more complicated than many are willing to admit.

Is Social Media Ruining Your Music Career? [Video]

A song demo is trying to accomplish one thing: sell your song to the listener. While there’s no magic formula for rising to the top, these 9 tips will help you avoid sinking to the bottom of the pile.

9 things NOT to do with your next song demo

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