The Daily Biz – April 27th, 2020

While musicians are often celebrated for breaking into the industry and achieving success at a young age, there is a darker side to this coin where artists are often unfairly deemed “too old” to make it in the business. So how much is ageism really a problem in the music industry?

Ageism In The Music Business: Is There An Expiration Date On Success?

So you want to be great, huh? Yeah, me too. I want to be a great songwriter, producer, and musician. Am I currently great? No, but I’m moving that way.

Be good today so you can be great forever

Making it big in any industry depends a lot on sheer luck. However, along with luck, it’s also equally important to work hard, have determination, and use the right strategies.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Music Marketing

Trademark Woes: When two bands have the same name! Here’s an actual band-name scenario that a reader of this blog asked us about

What to do if your artist name is similar to another band name (Trademark 101 for Musicians)

When I was young my grandmother gave me a little Casio keyboard for Christmas. I taught myself to play by ear and was soon pecking out my favorite Taylor Swift songs.

Expert Advice – Committing To The DIY Path

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