The Daily Biz – April 30th, 2020

European indie body Impala has published its latest thoughts on the Covid-19 pandemic’s impact on the music industry.

Impala publishes 10-step ‘recovery roadmap’ for music in Europe

Reading is one of the most important activities a musician can engage in. It can stimulate your imagination, give you ideas for songs and even teach you valuable tactics and strategies for furthering your career.

31 Paradigm Shifting Books That Will Categorically Boost Your Music Career

The streaming era creates its own superstars and music genres, such as bedroom pop. This particular style focuses on pop music that is written and produced by independent musicians largely in their bedrooms.

4 Ways Gen Z Is Changing The Music Industry’s Listening Habits

As with so many things involving this pandemic, the impact on the recorded music industry is uncertain, but thanks to an abundance of data, we can at least make some educated guesses as to how the business will be reshaped when all this is over.

How The Recorded Music Industry Could Be Reshaped By Year’s End

ICE have launched ‘Licensr’ as a simple solution for licensing for small services to use themselves.

This new simple tool from ICE lets small companies license music in minutes

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