The Daily Biz – April 7th, 2020

Did you have contracts for your cancelled gigs? Were your contracts written or verbal? Do you have a standard contract that you use all the time whether it is a long form legal contract or a simple Letter of Agreement or Letter of Confirmation?

Did You Have Contracts for Your Cancelled Gigs?

Marketing used to be based around demographic categories or social archetypes, but the more marketers and digital platforms know about you, the more personalised they can become in terms of both messaging and products.

How Does Music Marketing Personalisation look like in 2020?

Social distancing and self-isolating are having huge impacts on our lives – are they also affecting how much we listen to music online?

Is the Coronavirus boosting music streaming?

But in many ways, despite the terrible circumstances, right now could be a pretty good time to release a new record. You have a captive audience, many of whom have almost unlimited time on their hands.

Why labels and artists should still release new music during the coronavirus crisis

If no one is around to hear it, does a song even release? Let me put it this way. When you’re getting ready to release something into the world, be it a new song, music video, or album, you absolutely need to have a game plan for how people are going to hear that song.

When To Hire a Publicist (And Who To Hire)

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