The Daily Biz – May 11th, 2020

As technological innovation continues to sweep the music industry, live streaming has become an increasingly important component of bands and artists’ promotional arsenal.

How Live Streaming Is Altering The Music Business For Artists And Fans Alike

And although tons of money does get exchanged digitally now — in 2018, downloads and streaming made up 88% of the total revenues of recorded music in the United States — for most artists, it doesn’t amount to much.

Finding Success in Music Without Focusing on Success

Generation Z’s media habits differ from any preceding generation, given that for much of their lives, access to information is on demand or just a click away from their fingertips.

Generation Z Re-Defining the Business of Music

It’s very easy to become a massively successful professional musician, guitar instructor or guitar player when you follow these three steps

How To Reach Any Guitar Teaching, Music Career Or Guitar Playing Goal Quickly

Getting your music heard around the world in the 21st century is incredibly easy and when you use RouteNote it’s free too! Here are the best places to get your music heard around the world online.

The top 5 places to put your music online

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