The Daily Biz – May 12th, 2020

According to a survey conducted by the Musicians’ Union, 20 percent of British musicians fear that their professionals careers will end as a result of the economic strain brought on by the novel coronavirus.

One in Five British Musicians Fear Coronavirus Will End Their Careers

While many musicians seem to readily invest in a quality recording studio, somehow, all the rest seems to fall by the wayside, and it leaves most music undiscovered, unappreciated, and largely… Unheard.

Where Should I Invest My Money As An Artist?

The numbers are out from Live Nation’s first quarter in 2020 and the numbers are, unsurprisingly, rather grim. There is some optimism in the live music industry, however, with a recent global survey revealing that fans are eager to get back into venues.

90% Of Ticket-holders Want Concerts, Not Refunds

Earlier this week, it was announced that founding member Florian Schneider of the legendary krautrock group Kraftwerk passed away after a long battle with cancer.

The Emotional Legacy Of Kraftwerk

Listening to music has been a crucial part of our global culture development since the beginning of time. We listen to music to celebrate, to mourn, to run and to improve our mood. But have you ever tried listening to music for productivity?

How Music is Maximizing Your Productivity

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