The Daily Biz – May 18th, 2020

According to the IFPI report, CD and vinyl sales totalled $4.4 billion in revenue last year, which amounts to about 22% of the industry total.

Physical Product Is Still The Chink In The Armor Of The Recorded Music Business

Famously, guitarists don’t exactly need much encouragement to stock up on gear and guitar accessories, however, much of the time it actually makes good sense

Guitar Accessories – 10 you’ve got to have

Advice for musicians that want to avoid injury so they can stay healthy and continue to play music professionally for many years.

Good Musician Health Habits

How important would you say it is for songwriters and other music creators to develop a strong personal brand?

The importance of developing a standout brand in the music business

Getting your music noticed is difficult no matter what time of year it is, but timing your release strategically can go a long way toward giving your next single or album a fighting chance at standing out.

Best And Worst Months To Release New Music

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