The Daily Biz – May 1st, 2020

On many levels, Amazon has already proven its worth in shaking up the music streaming business – not least because it offers the most diversified selection of subscription tiers to consumers.

Amazon Music for Artists. Navigating to success on Amazon

Just when you thought you’d got used to the NME being dead (in print form, of course, only in print form), it’s back. In Australia, anyway.

NME print magazine is back from the dead (in Australia)

Musicians and other creators are quickly building significant followings on Instagram. Just in case you needed more proof that Instagram is worth your time…

Instagram By The [Very Impressive] Numbers

Sessions combines live interactive streaming with the kind of engagement and monetization features found in well-designed games. The platform launched today in beta on the web and mobile in 200+ countries and 15 languages.

Pandora Founder Tim Westergren Launches Sessions DIY Live Music Streaming Platform

Symphonic has just announced that they have partnered with TikTok to start distribution on that platform!

How To Get Your Music On TikTok

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