The Daily Biz – May 20th, 2020

APRA AMCOS has launched a new sustainability fund to helps its members continue to create new music during the coronavirus pandemic.

APRA AMCOS launches $300k fund to support music creators

With touring being out of the picture for the foreseeable future, it is time for musicians to increase revenue in alternative avenues.

4 Ways To Increase Revenue With Subscription Services

If you want your gig to go well, you have to set up the stage properly. Failing to do so may cause a few mishaps that could have easily been avoided. Here are five essential elements for setting up your own stage for a gig.

5 Essential Elements For Setting Up Your Own Stage For A Gig

‘Dance Monkey’ has officially joined YouTube’s Billion Views Club.

How much would Tones And I make from one billion YouTube views?

Musicians Travis McCready and Lauren Brown get an ‘A’ for Effort in staging America’s first socially-distanced concert in Arkansas on Monday. But it wasn’t easy to pull off.

Travis McCready Successfully Stages America’s First Socially-Distanced Concert

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