The Daily Biz – May 21st, 2020

Starting next week, leading concert promoter Live Nation will bring socially-distanced concerts and stand-up comedy shows to Auckland, New Zealand.

Live Nation Is Testing Socially-Distanced Concerts In New Zealand

This mandatory downtime is a great opportunity for artists to master some new music skills.

4 Music Skills To Learn While You’re Stuck At Home

But that doesn’t mean that artists can’t create and release great video to connect with fans and promote their music – or that “going live” has to be the only option.

Video Content In The Time Of Social Distancing

Playing live is an experience that can be nerve-wracking, intense, and a highly-charged experience. So it’s really important to make sure that you harness and use these feelings in a positive way, to your advantage.

5 Tips For Playing Live For The First Time

Wanna make learning your favorite songs easier for you? Tabs will help you do just that!

How To Read Guitar Tabs?

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