The Daily Biz – May 22nd, 2020

Pex, an LA-based video and music analytics firm, has found that podcasts are becoming exponentially more popular with each passing year.

Podcasts Are Absolutely Exploding — But Just 17% of Episodes Contain Music

Facebook and Instagram have released a collection of basic guidelines for those who intend to use music in their videos, and particularly in their Live broadcasts.

Here Are Some General Guidelines for Using Music on Instagram and Facebook

Here’s a different sort of compilation and synth collaboration – KORG Germany in Berlin invited the likes of Joan La Barbara, Suzanne Ciani, Alva Noto, Dave Smith, and a lot of us relative newcomers, too, to make a cookbook. And it’s free to download.

Feed yourself with a free cookbook from Korg and the electronic music and synth community

From inspecting your trailer to setting ticket prices, a lot goes into preparing for this grand adventure. Luckily, you can do it with a little more ease by following these touring tips

8 Things You Can’t Forget To Do Before Going On Tour

But, like so many other aspects of a healthy music career, a balance has to be found between striving to perform well and living up to what’s expected of us and not overthinking and questioning everything we do. When we let doubt, insecurity, and fear guide us in music, we stifle our best ideas.

Why Overthinking Hurts Your Music And What To Do About It

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