The Daily Biz – May 25th, 2020

Traditional merch is still a significant money-maker for artists to be sure, but there is something of an untapped market in digital merchandise, outside of just a musician’s music catalog.

7 Great Digital Merch Ideas

There are a lot of ways musicians can try getting ahead during Coronavirus, but what are the best ways to accomplish that without upsetting the general public?

Releasing Music During Coronavirus – Is It Smart?

Entertainment is among the many industries which have ground to a halt during the Coronavirus crisis, meaning many artists are finding themselves unable to work for the foreseeable future.

5 Reasons Why Personalized Video Platforms Can Help Artists Earn Extra Money And Sell Merch During Coronavirus Shutdown

There are 26.9 million people on Instagram to connect with right now. Anyone can connect with a few hundred people, forge great relationships, and then market music to those fans who want it and like it. Simple.

7 Reasons Artists Strongly Resist Social Media

The musical economy is a social economy — most musicians rely on live gigs to pay their bills these days — but that doesn’t mean we’re going to just sit back and do nothing. So what can we do?

How Musicians Can Beat the Isolation of Being Quarantined

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