The Daily Biz – May 3rd, 2020

A never-before-heard Prince show on SiriusXM is now airing on a dedicated Prince channel.

Unreleased Demo Prince Radio Show from 2005 Finally Airs – After 15 Years

The sector is wrestling with issues such as staging plays with social distancing, or running rollercoasters half full

Coronavirus poses huge threat to entertainment industry

A new study from UK based MUSO shows an unprecedented explosion in digital piracy during the coronavirus lockdown

Digital Piracy Explodes During COVID Lockdown

Do you belong to the group of people who are restlessly juggling a full-time job and sidekick projects? We all know that working on a side-job can be really soul-filling but wouldn’t it be even better to gain some money for that kind of work as well?

Leveraging the Patreon Platform for Online Creators and Artists

Daniel Ek recently confirmed in the most recent quarterly numbers that there are over 3.9 million artists (and podcasters) now on the Spotify platform.

How Many Artists and Podcasters are on Spotify?

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