The Daily Biz – May 4th, 2020

Most people don’t need a survey to tell them that what they listen to or view is different today than before COVID. Our lives have changed so much in that time that it’s a given that our music consumption patterns have as well.

Our Music Consumption Patterns Are Changing, But Will They Stay That Way?

Where getting a record deal was the only way to make it big twenty plus years ago, the industry is changing. People are making big bucks from their bedroom with consumer grade equipment, YouTube ‘how-tos’ and a bit of creative marketing knowledge.

How to get a record deal

Newsletters are the only channel you completely own. That control is very important, as anyone who has had to deal with a change to Google or Facebook’s algorithm will attest to.

The Power Of Newsletter Marketing

Video is playing an increasingly important role in music discovery, which means you could be one clip away from stardom.

How much do music videos really cost?

As a musician, you have many things to worry about. After all, you’re focused on writing songs, marketing, branding yourself, and preparing for that upcoming performance. You’re probably often on your phone or your laptop, and chances are you haven’t given much thought to cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity For Musicians

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