The Daily Biz – May 6th, 2020

Top medical officials in Australia say live events are off the table until 2021, at least. That’s in stark contrast to the U.S. governor of Missouri opening the state’s live events this week.

Australia’s Top Medical Officer Says Festivals May Not Return Until 2022

Learning the secrets of music theory and the major scale can unlock the mystery of not just the guitar, this universal language applies to ALL instruments.

Unlocking the Secrets of Music Theory – The Major Scale

Independent venues around the country are joining forces to ask for help, and you can play a significant role in making sure they survive the coronavirus pandemic.

How To Save Independent Venues When You Have No Money To Spare

Although many were quick to declare the death of live music as the coronavirus pandemic took over, the time spent in isolation has in fact shown that we need live music now more than ever.

Live Music Will Survive

Given how inundated the platform is, there are couple extra steps you need to take to ensure your SoundCloud profile really pops. Here, we walk you through eight tips to help massively increase your discoverability.

How to Improve Your Discoverability on SoundCloud

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