The Daily Biz – May 7th, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc on our everyday lives. Stay-at-home orders are requiring everyone to remain within their own four walls while influencing how we work, play, and shop.

Musicians and COVID-19 – Getting Back or Preparing to Get Back On the Road Again

Labels are doing quite well. The majority of their income comes from subscription services, and subscriptions keep going up. Sure, there has been some churn as a result of Covid-19 financial issues, but it is relatively small.

Music Industry Snapshot

Electronic music artist and prominent YouTuber Marc Rebillet is preparing to bring the first drive-in tour to the United States.

America’s First Drive-In Concert Tour Starts Next Month

As the shutdown stretches on, many artists are becoming quite adept at in-home live streaming, and have begun to perfect the craft. In this piece, we hear some pro tips on executing the perfect live stream.

Spotify Offers Tips For The Best Livestream Setup

UK body ERA has published some new research showing that Brits aged 55 and over are the fastest-growing segment of music streamers.

Over-55s are fastest growing group of UK music streamers

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