The Daily Biz – May 8th, 2020

Now, as the Middle Eastern nation eyes additional entertainment-industry investments, rumours are circulating that it’s made an offer to purchase Warner Music Group (WMG).

Is Saudi Arabia About to Acquire Warner Music Group?

In an effort to clarify some general industry confusion on exactly what role a publicist has in the music industry, Angela Mastrogiacomo here breaks down just what it is a music publicist does and, just as importantly, does not do.

What Exactly Does A Music Publicist Do?

Musicians are just one of the countless groups of people seeing their professions get upended during the COVID-19 crisis. Embracing creativity during this painful time won’t bring your life back to normal or fix what’s wrong.

How Creativity Strengthens Musicians During Times Of Tragedy

Our digital landscape has been instrumental in altering the shape of how we consume tunes, how artists make music, and how the business operates. One of the positive effects is encouraging a DIY approach to all areas of the industry.

Tips For Starting Your Own Record Label

The global recorded music industry has seen steady growth in popularity over the last few years, reaching more than $19 billion in revenue in 2019.

Music Professions Outside of Musicians

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