What Musicians Can Do For Their Careers While In Lockdown

With the world in the grip of a COVID-19 pandemic at the moment, there’s a lot of negativity, uncertainty and confusion regarding what you can do and what you can’t do.

A lot of industries have been hit hard but none hit harder than the arts, music and entertainment industries and as a songwriter and musician myself, I thought I’d share an article that I found that outlines what we can do while we’re under self imposed isolation or government enforced lockdown.

The article on the Soundfly blog titled How Musicians Can Beat the Isolation of Being Quarantined written by Charles Burchill, himself an Italian resident living in Rome, gives us seven activities that we, as musicians can do while in quarantine.

It is possible to see this crisis as a unique opportunity to do things a little differently with our music careers. Charles highlights this way of thinking by saying…

This may be the first time in modern human history that a large percentage of people will be staying at home, whether voluntarily or involuntarily; which means this is an opportunity for the music community to remind the world of our shared humanity in a social yet distanced way.

The seven activities mentioned in the article are:

  • Livestream Your Concerts
  • Produce Music/Write Songs
  • Work On Your Brand
  • Learn New Skills/Side Hustles
  • Offer Online Lessons
  • Foster Community Through Collaboration
  • Stay Healthy And Keep Active

Personally, I found this article to be very informative but more importantly, I found it positive and encouraging because we creatives are a resilient lot and are better equipped to think outside the box and create solutions to whatever problems we face.

Check out the article, have a look at the list and have a good think about what resonates with you. I’m looking into live-streaming myself but every point resonates with me in some ways.

What resonates with you? Let me know what you think and remember… Wash your hands, keep your distance and look after yourselves and one another.

Until next time, just stay inside and do it,

Corey Stewart
All About Music Business

Original Source: How Musicians Can Beat the Isolation of Being Quarantined

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