All About Music Business – What’s It All About Anyway?

Hi, my name is Corey Stewart and I’m a Singer/Songwriter, Musician, Producer and Blogger from Australia and for me, the music business is an ever-changing beast that requires concise and up-to-date information at your fingertips just to keep ahead of the pack.

Therefore, I’ve created All About Music Business to help all songwriters, performers and artists anywhere, at any level, expand on what music business/industry knowledge they already have or, to help those who are kicking off their music careers to start their journey in a positive and more informed direction.

All About Music Business is also about me taking what I’ve learnt from my 30+ years experience and condensing it into one site, so I can keep learning from reflecting on my own past and looking forward to the future…

A future where the shape of the music industry is unknown.

It is said that the music industry would not survive without great songs however, I think it’s equally important that great songs need a formalised framework to sit in and the creators, performers and other allied occupations that support these great songs need to be supported.

This is the music business… A business where I’ve chosen to lay down my hat and call my home for over 30 years.

I feel it’s really important that musicians have the best music industry information at their fingertips. It is my goal is to have All About Music Business become one of the most trusted sources of music business/industry information on the web.

This site can only develop in the long term with direct input from its readers (that means YOU), so if now or in the future, there are any questions that you may have about the business that we have all chosen to participate in, or anything else for that matter, just let me know and I will do my very best to answer you.

This is an exciting time to be part of the music industry and I wish you all well on your journey towards a sustainable music career, no matter where it takes you.

Let’s take this first step together… RIGHT NOW!

Until next time,

Corey Stewart
All About Music Business

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    • LL
    • January 31, 2020

    Love it. The music industry needs infrastructure, no matter what anybody says. It’s still people interacting to use services and products to achieve a goal or outcome. It’s just so creative and widespread, most people don’t know how to manage. Those who do are ten steps ahead. Looking forward to reading more.

      • Corey Stewart
      • January 31, 2020

      I couldn’t agree more.

      Hopefully what information I can put on here as well as from the collective hive-mind of the AMB community will make things a little easier to navigate for folks 🙂

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