Why You Should Stop Worrying About Success In Music

Written by Patrick McGuire (aka Straight White Teeth) this Reverbnation article titled Why You Should Stop Worrying About Success In Music perfectly sums up the possible consequences of focussing too much on being a “success” in the music business.

At the beginning of the article Patrick writes…

What does success in music really mean? It’s a question every serious musician is faced with throughout their career. Whether it’s an artist’s public streaming stats or the constant barrage of content associated with famous musicians on social media, we’re constantly reminded of what conventional success looks like in the music industry: wealth, acclaim, and notoriety. For unestablished artists, it can be tempting to focus more on the success of other musicians than the creative merit and limitless possibilities of their own work. Giving in to this temptation is something that’s thwarted the careers of countless musicians.

The above quote succinctly sets the tone for the rest of the article.

He goes on to write about how only focussing on success can hamper your music making and song writing efforts and finishes off the article with his thoughts on what the only guaranteed success in the music business would look like.

Check out the article and take a few minutes to define for yourself, what success in the music business means to you. If you need any more prompting feel free to read my earlier post Success In The Music Business Is Not A Universal Constant.

Until next time, just get out there and do it,

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Original Source: Why You Should Stop Worrying About Success In Music

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